Plot Point 16

Plot Point #16: Visit to the Observatory Ismeldara lies awake, and it is still night. Graal and Takkan have fallen back asleep. The images from the dream haunt her. She sneaks out of Takkan’s room and hurries over to Zimri’s observatory, traveling from roof to roof. Motivated by the dream, she wants to get her hands on the star-seal to find out the keys to her freedom as Zimri stated. She can also look for the statuette, a token of her mother. The observatory is guarded by Watchmen (to keep looters out of the home) but she manages to get into the place and discovers that the star-seal is both gone. Everything else is there as she remembers it. She finds the statuette on the floor, sees the bloodstains on the floor, and breaks down again. On the way back, men not dressed on official uniforms, accost her and she battles with them and, against fairly overwhelming odds, manages to squirm free. She returns to Takkan’s room out of breath, scared after the attack and dejected and depressed over Zimri’s death. Rabisu, who has been following her, is impressed with her athletic ability as well as her obvious charisma. Rabisu also senses Ismeldara’s incredible hidden power. Rabisu returns to her rooms at the Temple and finds a message there from her High Priest that first thing in the morning, Jenci wants her to visit him at his observatory. He has work for her. She takes a swig of wine and spits it on the floor.

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