Week 4 Tasks And Assignments

Week 4 Project Tasks






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Develop Test Plan

Week 4 Assignment 2 - Thursday, February 5

Master Schedule - Based on feedback shared from last week's team assignments, the development group must now agree on a master schedule controlled by production leads. By Thursday, February 5, 2009, use the information, edits, and corrections to previous schedule versions to agree together and post a master schedule to DocSharing for building your project. All team members should comment and review the master schedule items noting any concerns or areas of substantial risk, and take ownership and responsibility for their share.

Team Leads - Work with production to generate a master schedule for your team.

Weak 4 Assignment 3 - Saturday, February 7

Block Out 1 - Based on team agreement towards a master schedule and complete project definition, quick construction must begin. This next development pass is a "block out" or prototype phase done to take paper design into early construction in order to identify problems, challenges, or bad assumptions as early as possible allowing for iterations and fixes up front. Working as a team, by Saturday, February 7, 2009, post a block out or "rough build" of the basic geometry for your project. This should include as many prominent and basic features of the level/area as possible. Review and comment amongst entire team.

Design Team - Work with Joe to create your individual block outs.

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