Week 5 Tasks And Assignments

Week 5 Project Tasks






Design Lock
Project Documents
Design Lock
Outdoor Meshes
Design Lock
Block Out 2
Takkan's Room
Design Lock
Takkan's Room
Design Lock
Develop Test Plan

Week 5 Assignment 2 - Thursday, February 12

Design Lock - Based on the successful completion of our early block out phase, several key design assumptions should have been tested for their contribution to the "fun factor" of the level. Normally, it is time to include some design changes, remove some design ideas, edit some character participation or level goals, and add others in their place. By Thursday, February 12, 2009, using the commentary and feedback given by the entire team, come to a final consensus about major design and feature changes for your project. After this point, no serious design changes should be made. Adjust the master schedule accordingly, and achieve team consensus for design lock. Post and share your thoughts and commentary about how the project has shifted to date.

Team Leads - Work with production to generate a design lock.

Weak 5 Assignment 3 - Saturday, February 14

Block Out 2 - There should now be team-wide agreement about exactly what your project goals will be in terms of content creation specifics, and on the timing to get the work done at high quality. By Saturday, February 14, 2009, Utilize team feedback and discussion to make adjustments and edits to post your second pass at a now edited level block out. This should follow the guidelines of the design lock you achieved in the previous assignment. Post an updated version of your level for comment, discussion, and further planning by the team.

Design Team - Work with Joe to create your individual block outs.

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